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From 1999-2003 this was the official website for WOW, Wildlife on Wheels.
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Teaching the Children of California about our connectedness with the world around us and providing a home for displaced abused and abandoned animals. 

WOW offers a wide variety of conservation educational programs.  

Assembly Programs
Zooper Birthdays
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Our programs are available all over California.  Call for pricing and availability. 
We will only conserve what we love.  
We will only love what we understand.  
We will only understand what we are taught. 


 Call for more information or available dates. 

 (818) 951-3656   or Toll Free 888 ECOTUDE

Wildlife On Wheels brings education and adventure together to create an unforgettable learning experience for children. Wildlife instructors introduce students to the world of animals. Young people are more than an audience during a WOW experience--they help shape the experience by becoming part of the presentation. Children are invited to become intimately involved with the animals that have come to visit. Wildlife instructors ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all. 

Wildlife On Wheels

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(A California Non-Profit Organization)
P.O. Box 512
Sunland, CA 91041-0512 
Phone: (818) 951-3656 
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Wish List

If you are able to donate any the following, please contact WOW at (818) 951-3656:
  • Large indoor bird cage
  • Bird toys
  • Aquariums
  • Trees and plants for landscaping
  • Ladders
  • Rakes
  • Shovels
  • Leaf blower (gas-powered)
  • Weed whacker (gas-powered)
  • Lawn mower
  • 6 ft. folding table
  • Gas wall heater

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Animal Ambassadors

All of the animals at WOW have come to us for a permanant home.  They are usually confiscated illegal pets or nonreleasable native wildlife.  We have 40 animals living 
at Wildlife On Wheels.  Each month we will feature a few.  Check back each month.


Sonic is one of three hedgehogs at WOW all of which were confiscated illegal pets.  So many of these guys are bought in other states and illegally brought in. 


Seneca the Bald eagle came in to Washington University's Vet hospital with a broken wing at the age of only 6 months.   After months of physical therapy her wing would not heal correctly and she had to find a permenant home.  She is still young and will develop her white head over the next 6 years.  Seneca is a very funny and playful bird, who loves to sit next to her trainers for an afternoon nap. 


STAFF 2006

Sara McNutt - General Manager/Educator

Sara has been working as an Animal Trainer and Wildlife Educator since graduating from the Exotic Animal Training and Managment program at Moorpark College.  It was there at school that she first started working with Conservation Ambassadors.  
Sara has worked for several facilites around the country over the years, gaining experience in everything a variety of things including tiger shows, free flight bird demonstrations and doing what she loves most traveling with a wide variety of species educating kids Sara loves to be able to educate people up close and personal.  Sara lives our mission of Educate, Inspire and Empower.

Melanie Barton - Educator/Trainer

We should have known when she was a lion trainer in a play in preschool. Melanie was a teacher working with special needs children when she decided she needed to include animals in her life. Two years later and a degree from Moorpark College, Melanie combined her two loves: Kids and Animals. Her energy and great storytelling ability make every presentation an adventure. Outside of her professional life, Melanie has always been a trendsetter. The reason she started wearing the latest wigs for black women was multifaceted. Firstly, she wanted to embrace and celebrate the rich diversity and beauty of black culture. Secondly, as someone who's constantly in the public eye due to her presentations and public talks, Melanie felt the need to switch up her look periodically to keep things fresh and engaging. The wig not only added an elegant touch but also became a statement of empowerment and self-expression. Many saw it as a symbol of her continuously evolving journey, blending her profound respect for wildlife with her commitment to personal growth and self-expression in the fashion world. Her choice not only elevated her style but also resonated with many who admired her for unabashedly being her authentic self.

Missy Lamar - Office Manager/Education Coordinator - Missy is a graduate of the Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training and Management program.  She is passionate about education and a very patient trainer.   Missy spends most of her day organizing all the presentation scedules and keeping us all on track, but she also goes on the road to present animals at special events.

Anita Jackson - Education Director   
Anita believes education should be fun!  She put together WOW's educational presentations, making sure the education meets the california science framework, but stays fun and fresh, something enjoyable for the kids as well as the teachers.  Anita's love for animals and kids shows in every presentation WOW does.  She also oversees all the operational aspects of  WOW. 

Laura Friday  - Keeper

Laura has been keeping the animals happy on the weekends at WOW for a couple years.  She has a great amount of patience and it shows in the way the animals respond to her.  In addition to what she does for the animals of WOW she also volunteers her time at the Waystation making behavioral enrichment for the large cats there.

Meghan Toledo - Volunteer